The Music Arrangers Guild of Australia has a number of membership levels, one of which is the Certificate Member.

The Certificate of Merit membership is open to all individuals, but more specifically designed for the Music Student and their possible future interest in the Arranging, Orchestrating and Copying professions. The Certificate is awarded to persons who successfully undergo the Guild's general admissions criteria and the payment of a special discounted membership fee.

As a Certificate of Merit member you can partake in our Mentorship Program where you can gain invaluable experience and industry knowledge by working with one of our many MAGA Full Members. This will help you on your journey of becoming a full member.

There are no firm rules on what constitutes “mentorship”, but the following general guidelines are a starting point:

  • Mentorship may take place in person, via email, phone, web conference, etc.
  • Frequency of interaction is dependent on both parties’ location and work situation
  • Examples of Mentorship activitied could be:
    • Regular catchups (via the above methods) to help the Mentee with their arranging/copying projects, work
    • Support and advise to mentee on current projects
    • Providing periodic reviews of the Mentees work
    • The Mentor engaging the mentee in professional development on current projects to enhance work experience and/or professional learning

If you are already a Certificate of Merit Member and are interested in being assigned a mentor, please contact The Secretary ( for ur Mentorship Guidelines document.
If you wish to join as a Certificate of Merit Member, please see this link.